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Continuing Education and Contact hour requirements by state.

Before a license can be renewed, RN and LPN licensees must complete two of the following methods for maintaining continuing competency (Article 6 of 12 AAC).

  1. 30 contact hours of continuing education prescribed under 12 AAC 44.610
  2. 30 hours of participation in professional activities prescribed under 12 AAC 44.620
  3. 320 hours of employment prescribed under 12 AAC 44.630
In lieu of meeting the above requirements, licensees may qualify for alternative methods of continuing competency under 12 AAC 44.640. click for more information


The Nurse Practice Act and the Alabama Board of Nursing Administrative Code require nurses to earn 24 contact hours for license renewal. for more information click here


15 Contact hours, however more may be required based upon license status and other issues. click here for more information


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Required by law (Section 1451, Article 5, of the California Code of Regulations) to complete thirty (30) hours of continuing education (CE) every two years. for more information click here


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No CEU or Contact hours required. click here for more information

District of Columbia

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Requires 30 contact hours for RNs, 24 contact hours for LPNs click here for more information


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Currently no CEU/CH required for renewal.


Licenses are renewed on a biennial basis - even-numbered years for licensed practical nurses (LPN) and odd-numbered years for professional nurses (RN). Licenses expire on August 31st of the appropriate year.  click here for more information
Renewal Application


No CEU/CH required for renewal.


No CEU/CH required for renewal.


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Between 5-15 Contact hours depending the number of practice hours. click here for more information


15 Contact hours are needed. click here for more information


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No CEU or CH required for renewal.


  1. Must be 20 contact hours within the last renewal period.
  2. Must be related to the practice of nursing.
  3. At least 10 of the 20 hours must be formally peer reviewed and approved continuing education.
  4. Up to 4 hours may be CPR or BLS courses.
for more information click here

New Hampshire

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New Jersery

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New Mexico

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New York

None Required click here for more information

North Carolina

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North Daktoa

Requires 12 contact hours. click here for more information


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No CEU or CH required for renewal. click here for more information


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Rhode Island

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South Carolina

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South Dakota

No CEU/CH required for renewal.


Requires 5 contact hours click here for more information


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No CEU or Contacts hours if you have practiced at least 400 hours in the past 2 years. If you have practived at least 200 hours 15 hours of approved Continuing Education is required. If you have practiced less than 200 hours then 30 hours of approved Continuing Education is required. click here for more information


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Continuing Education is not required for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners are required to complete thirty (30) hours every two years in their area of specialty. click here for more information

West Virgina

30 contact hours every two years. click here for more information


No CEU's or Contact hours required for RN and LPN


Continuing education is only one of the 8 different methods to meet the continued competency requirement. If the RN or LPN wishes to renew by continuing education, 20 hrs. in a 2 year period is required.


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